Swaziland Health Research - Research Topics #2

Research Agenda

Implementation of the Research

All the domestic and external partners have the responsibility to comply and support the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the National Health Research Agenda.

Coordinating Structures
The National Health Research Department of the Ministry of Health will be responsible for overall coordination and monitoring of the implementation of the National Health Research Agenda. NHRD will be supported by the Scientific Ethics Committee (SEC) to review the research protocols submitted for approval to ensure protection of the human research subjects. In addition, the SEC will complement the efforts of NHRD in monitoring the research proposals submitted to the Ministry of Health for approval to ensure that they are compliant with the National Health Research Agenda. NHRD will ensure wide dissemination of the National Health Research Agenda and will work closely with various research stakeholders (universities, research institutions, NGOS, Civil Society Organizations, development partners and individual researchers) to promote adherence; and to establish and update an inventory of research for health in Swaziland. All investigators whose research proposals are approved would be mandatorily required to submit copies of the research reports (and publications) and datasets to the NHRD for entry into the national health research registry. The MOH through NHRD should establish a knowledge translation platform that will ensure that research results are utilized by the relevant stakeholders for policy and decision-making.

Financing of the National Health Research Agenda

Government Funding
The government of the Kingdom of Swaziland shall be primarily responsible for funding implementation of the research agenda. The National Health Research Department will develop annual costed action plans as part of planning and budgeting processes of the Ministry of Health, which will serve as a financing mechanism for the implementation of this research agenda. However, if the funds available are not enough for the implementation of the entire National Health Research Agenda, there will be need to select in consultation with relevant stakeholders the affordable research activities.

Public and Private Partnerships
Efforts to mobilize resources from public and private partnerships shall be facilitated by the National Health Research Department with support from the Ministry of Health. This support from development partners will be sought through systematic engagement with them including proposal writing. The investment of donors or external research organization wanting to support research in the Kingdom shall be guided by the National Health Research Agenda.

Monitoring and Evaluating of the Agenda

Tools for Tracking Adherence to the Agenda
An overall monitoring and evaluation framework together with related tools will be developed to assess progress in the implementation of the research agenda. Indicators will be developed by NHRD for tracking the proportion of the priority research topics implemented per selected major health theme, the production and utilization of evidence and impact on practice and policy.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Reports
Results generated by applying the indicators will be used to write annual reports that will be disseminated to stakeholders. In addition, the NHRD will analyse the numbers of published and unpublished studies conducted in Swaziland under each of the main thematic areas and sub-themes. The analysis will also cover adherence of the studies with national health research agenda. The findings of the monitoring and evaluation will enable the Ministry of Health to devise/revise strategies for increasing alignment of research for health with the national health research agenda.

Review of the Agenda
In view of the changing landscape in public health, the National Health Research Agenda should be revised according after five years. The National Health Research Department shall facilitate the revision of the agenda in consultation with relevant stakeholders and the revisions should be approved by the Ministry of Health.


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